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Category: Classifieds - FAQs

  Please Note: Classified ads are to be posted by Del Webb Naples Residents only. The website administrator reserves the right to remove any ad that is inappropriate or violates these rules. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

        Steinway Piano guy coming Wednesday, Jan 15
Just thought I'd let the community know that a piano tuner/repair guy named Rick Shaw is coming out to service our piano this Wednesday, Jan 15 if anyone else is interested in getting their piano looked at.

Rick Shaw (293) 293-2902

CONTACT: Tim Fening
EMAIL: tim@timfening.com
PHONE: 5138863756
POSTED: 01/13/2020
        Seeking Golf Cart
Just moved here on Mayflower Way and am wondering if anyone is selling a golf cart except not the golf kind; the 4-passenger kind.
PRICE: Negotiable
CONTACT: Tim Fening
EMAIL: tim@timfening.com
PHONE: (513) 886-3756
POSTED: 01/10/2020
        Electric Washer and Dryer
Whirlpool top loading high efficiency, low water washer, large capacity and electric dryer. Appliances are white in color they are only several months old. They are basically brand new and used only a few times since moving into our Del Webb home in October.
PRICE: $600.00
CONTACT: Sharon Toia
EMAIL: ntharley@aol.com
PHONE: H 843-705-9272 c-586-255-0484
POSTED: 12/18/2019
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